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All plans sold by WIGWAM on this website are protected by US and European copyright laws. It is illegal to copy, modify, sell and transfer to third parties any house plan owned by WIGWAM. Infringement of these copyright laws constitutes a crime and is punishable by law.

Building licenses are included in every plan package sold by Wigwam. These are non-exclusive, non-transferable documents which give the customer the right to build according to the acquired home plans. We remind you that a building license does not give the customer intellectual property rights over the design plans.

A building license can be used only by the customer who purchased the plans from our website. It is forbidden to transfer the plans to any third party, even if the customer has not used the design plans himself.

The customer can modify and redraw our plans with the help of a local architect or engineer, only with the specific agreement given by WIGWAM. We give you the option to modify the plans and copy them for use by local authorities, through our copyright release which is included in the price of the home plans.  It must be noted that the right to use, modify and copy the plans is available only for one construction project.

In order to protect our intellectual ownership, all house plans which are not intended for sale carry the WIGWAM watermark, which clearly prohibits the use of WIGWAM plans without our specific agreement. Purchased plans will be accompanied by a building license and will not contain the above mentioned watermark.

In order to avoid copyright  infringement, WIGWAM does not accept return requests for any house plan bought from the website. We recommend that you choose carefully the project and plans package before confirming your online order.


In case you want to build several homes, you can opt for a multiple  use license. Our packages are as follows:

  • a single, non-transferable building license sold to a unique customer, with no resale  rights. This license is included in all our plan packages. If you want to build according to the plans more than once, you will need to buy a new set of plans and a new license for each building that is executed. We offer discounts for purchasing multiple plan packages.

  • a multiple use building license, with reproducible design plans. The license is to be used only by the original owner, with no resale rights. For more details on this offer, please contact us at



a. Renderings JPEG

b. Sketch plans PDF

c. Construction License

d. CAD Files

e. Readable Reverse Plans [optional and complimentary]

f. 3 sets of printed plans​ [optional]


f. Detailed floor plans

g. 4 Elevations

h. 2 characteristic sections

i. CAD Files

j. Readable Reverse Plans [optional and complimentary]

k. Detailed dimensions, suggested materials and finishes

l. 3 sets of printed plans and free shipping​ [optional]



The Technical Project does not include the structural, electrical, heating and plumbing layouts and systems. Every client has the freedom to choose the equipment and systems, in accordance with local building regulations.

The Technical Project does not include site plan, material list, authorizations and permits.

The Technical Project does not include the signature and stamp of the architect.


When you buy a house plan you must agree to the terms & conditions and license and copyright information. Basically this means you understand you can only use this plan to build one house located at the address specified in the agreement. You can make changes to the plan. If the location or local building codes require changes you are free to make those as needed. But that doesn’t change the ownership of the plan's copyright. Just because you made changes doesn’t make it your plan.

You can not sell the plan to another person. You can’t give it away and you can’t use it to build more than one house. There are instances where a customer has built one of our designs and then wanted to build a second one.

We have had clients that liked our plans so much they wanted to take the house with them when they moved. This meant they wanted to build their house a second time in another state. This was possible because they contacted us and they payed a re-use fee. This gave them legal permission to build the house a second time.

If your house was damaged or destroyed and it needed to be rebuilt at the same address, you would be within your right to build with that same plan a second time.


A quality house plan takes upwards of 300 to 500 hours to design and create. Every house plan usually has at least 150 hours of CAD (computer aided design) work just to create the working drawings. Some  larger more complex designs can have much more CAD time invested.