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WigwamHomePlans is an award winning architectural and design practice, whose long standing values consistently encompass excellence, integrity, strong communication and efficiency. We  address a cultivated clientele  that acknowledges the architect`s role in today`s society. We create and design spaces  that reflect the client's personality and their specific needs.

All of our creations express our beliefs that architecture should occur at the intersection between imagination, aesthetics and utility, sustaining social and environmental responsibility. Our objective is to have a positive impact not only in the lives of our clients, but also in the quality of our cities and communities. We seek to imagine meaningful places that have the power to create emotions and to bring people together.

Experience has taught us that good architecture and design requires time. Every project that we undertake engages us in a process of knowing our clients and their needs, of understanding the context in which we are building, of creating coherent and aesthetical solutions that balance the first two and, finally, turning those ideas into reality.

By applying the highest standards of quality and work ethics we ensure the durability and value of our designs.  Our remarkable attention to detail in our projects emphasize the natural environment through what we build, encompassing the capacity and flexibility to satisfy the clients` needs. Our company offers a portfolio of ready to buy Home Plans as well as  Custom and Personalized design services for the clients who are looking for unique architectural projects.


Each project is a team effort that implies a close collaboration between architects, urban planners, designers, engineers and professionals from related fields. This is the reason why we view architecture as a platform of interaction and negotiation that links together clients, planners, technicians, contractors and manufacturers.